You will learn how to :

  • - Release tensions, stress, blockages of sensuality and trust in relationships
  • - Increase personal power and get rid of financial problems and blockages for abundance
  • - Maximize your business potential and to follow your life-mission
  • - Open your super powers and healing energies
  • - Heal your destiny and relationships to be happy, healthy and prosperous

You will experience ancient sacred rituals, such as:

  • - Womb energy activation: TENTACLES OF INTENTION - manifest what you want!
  • - Healing the relationships through transformational WOMB PURIFICATION ceremony
  • - GOLDEN BOWL OF APHRODITE - an ancient sacred ritual
  • - Shamanic ritual of abundance with fire “Blessing of The spirit of Money Dzayan Dzayachi”
  • - POWER OF CLEOPATRA. How to protect from negative influences and manipulations. Ritual «No one can influence me”

Join the divine sacred feminine dances, yoga & meditations to dive into women’s energies!

At the retreat you will be able to find your own powerful amulet and special shamanic talisman of protection.

Let's reconnect to our feminine nature and magic to return to love, pleasure, abundance and happiness in everyday life.

With International spiritual Teacher of the charitable movement "My Field of Love", Diana Suemi, the worldwide business & spiritual life coach, Master of feminine sacred practices and keeper of shamanic ancient knowledge.

YouTube/ FB: Diana Suemi Global

Details and enquiries:
07908105042 Sheyna Love FB

Glastonbury Tor and the Avalon Marshes

In the English county of Somerset has placed a mysterious Glastonbury Tor. A lot of legends and mysteries are connected with it. In the Medieval time there was built the stone Church of St Michael. Nowadays on the top of the hill we can see a wonderful church’s tower. One legend is that this old tower is the entrance to the Avalon, another says that near the tower was buried the King Arthur and his wife.

The 145 meters high hill has perfect geometrical configuration. This made people to develop the theory that the hill was built by people and it is a holy place of the ancestors. The hill has always been attractive for pilgrims. A long time ago there were old monasteries and the Abby. Nowadays we can see only some fragments of these buildings.

Today Glastonbury Hill is one of the main scarify places for Christians. It is still visited by a great number of pilgrims. Lots of people think that under the hill has placed a complex system of the undergrounds. It is strongly believed that there is hidden the main Christian relic – The Holy Grail. Recently the researchers succeed to deduce that the hill stepped terraces were made artificially about 2 000 years ago. Thanks to the numerous pilgrims’ stories, this place covers with mysteries day by day. One of them claim that when they come from the hill back all serious diseases leave the body. More than that, near the hill were fixed a lot of nature and physical abnormality